Thursday, June 28, 2012

I gots skills

Two years ago our family spent a week at the Philmont Scout Ranch in northern New Mexico. For the occasion, I had to have regulation BSA Scout uniform pants. Just so you know, they don't come hemmed.

So... I learned, painstakingly, how to hem pants by hand. We're talking 2-3 hours for this little project... and I don't think I did it very well anyway.

Jacob, our oldest, is starting his second year on the staff of Camp Bradley and, being the teenager that he is, he's grown several inches since last year. New regulation BSA scout uniform pants are in order for him again this year. Did I mention they don't come hemmed?

Because he needed two pair, I dreaded the whole hemming thing again, so I was on the hunt for a shortcut. I'm sure you'll be stunned to learn that I consulted the internet. I learned how to do a blind hem on our sewing machine. It took a little patience, and overall probably about the same amount of time as hemming them by hand would have, but now I know how to do a machine blind hem. Well worth the time, I'd say, because we have three more scouts coming up the ranks.

So... one productive (ish) day of summer. ;-)

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