Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 2011 General Conference for Kindle

As promised, here are the October 2011 General Conference addresses formatted for Kindle (all talks in one AZW file). Download this file and transfer to your Kindle's "documents" folder via USB.

I'm not a nook user, so I have no idea whether this file will work, but I converted the AZW file to EPUB (which I believe is the nook's native format). Some nook user (Thom?) try this and let me know (via comments on this page) if it works, please. Happy reading.

I am not an employee nor a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I created this file for my own use and for the use of a few friends who visit this blog. Nothing official is stated nor implied by my posting of this file. Concerned parties, including the Church, are invited to comment on this posting for a swift reply. Happy conference reading. 


Thom Duncan said...

Clark, It came through just fine on my Nook, including the hyperlinks. Thanks for making this possible. BTW, how did you? I have some files I'd like to put on my Nook. What tool did you use to get the files into nook format?

Clark Draney said...

Thom, I'm glad it worked. You're welcome.

My process:

1. I make an MS Word file with "bookmarks" etc. (I have a few thoughts about what works well for taking the text from the Church site and formatting it for e-readers. Let me know if you're interested.)
2. Make a Kindle file via Amazon's free convert-via-email system. (Kindle account required, I guess.)
3. Convert the AZW file to EPUB using Calibre .

I'm sure there's an easier way to go straight to EPUB. Calibre might do it. Does B&N have a way to send docs to yourself (to your nook) via email or something?

I haven't used Calibre that much, but it seems to have a few nice bells and whistles.

Best of luck! Happy reading.

Clark Draney said...


Nicole said...

Just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate you converting conference to Kindle format and sharing it. I stumbled upon your blog after the April conference while doing a search to see if anyone had the talks available for Kindle, and have been eagerly checking your blog for the converted files since the October sessions. Thank you!

Clark Draney said...

I'm really happy that you are using the conference for Kindle file. It's not a lot of work to make, but it seemed a shame to have it only for myself. I'm glad, glad, glad that others are using it.

Jenni said...

Thank you so much for making this available so quickly!! Just wanted to let you know that I was able to email the document to my kindle, and it worked perfect!

Clark Draney said...


I'm glad to hear that emailing it works too. That's great. Thank you for the note. I'm glad you're using it too. :)

Positively Patty said...

Thank you! DH and I just got kindles this week and it's so nice to get conference so quickly. Funny thing is we just got our November Ensign today as well. :)

Jenn L in Chicago said...

Thank you for the ePub file! I'm a Sony Touch user and can't read Kindle's AZW format.

Clark Draney said...

@Patty and Jenn

So glad you're using it. I'm really pleased.

What a great conference, isn't it?

Janarae said...

Clark thanks so much for the conference issues you made for kindle. Love them!! In response to Thom you mentioned you had a few thoughts about taking the text from the Church site. Could you help me? My Aunt would like me to transfer some of the older conferences for her, but when I put the pdf in Calibre, it comes through weird. Any help or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Clark Draney said...

@Janarae. I'm sending you a note via email. Watch for it soon.