Friday, February 4, 2011

My "neighborhood"

And we're off and running...

The photo project I told you about the other day is going. I posted my first picture today:

As I left the office yesterday, I decided I would try to take a suitable picture for the project by the time I got to my truck (not so very far away). This was the result. My colleague and friend was walking her dog, Scout (as she often does on campus), and she agreed to have me take her picture for the project. 

So... here's week 1*. 

I usually go to the gym on MWF, but today I took my camera and wandered around campus. I used to be quite self-conscious about taking pictures on campus, but I guess I'm getting immune to what people think as I get older.

Anyway, I probably already have next week's picture, but I'll wait until then to post something.

*Technical stuff (for the two of you who care ;-)  ):
(This scene was strongly backlit, so I brightened it quite a bit, then popped up the colors a bit. I also cropped it quite a bit. (And I overused the word "bit" quite a bit in this bit of my post.))

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