Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

My employer, the College of Southern Idaho, hosts a "Breakfast with Santa" every year. More accurately, the Program Board of the Student Senate of the college sponsors the breakfast with Santa. In other words, the students of CSI make a special day for the children of our community. It's a fun activity that our kids have come to love. We've taken our kiddies every year since we've lived in Twin Falls.

This year we took just Cate and Cole (the older boys being much too mature for such a thing). As you can see, they are of an age to really enjoy activities like this. It was fun to see them have such fun.
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Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

Hi Clark,
I hope that all the Draneys are having a great holiday season. There's nothing like a new and adorable pet to make the season fun.

Clark Draney said...

Hi Pat,

We're having a restful and fun break, not to mention holiday season. Thank you.

The dog is learning. She has turned out to be a little bit neurotic, but she's finding her place in the family. She's still cute as a button, so lots of shenanigans are forgiven.

How are things where you are? Lots of snow? (We're getting a little bit here today.)