Friday, May 8, 2009

Cracklin’ Class

I don't know how you would describe those great class sessions, but I call 'em cracklin'. When the energy in the room is zooming around and people are falling over each other to comment, when everyone is locked-in engaged with what we're saying, when no one is sleepin or texting or whatever else they do to pass the time, when I'm mostly sitting on the side nodding my head or calling on who's next to speak—that's cracklin' class. Cracklin' like electricity—cracklin' like an epiphany—cracklin' like the cellophane on a fresh Twinkie (okay, that last one's a stretch, but you know you want a Twinkie, so it works – in a way).

That was my last class session in American Lit II today. I even got just a tiny bit choked up to think that we aren't going to meet any more.

Where have you had that kind of experience? Share...


Clint Carter said...

What got them Cracklin'?

I remember a Sunday school class that I taught. It wasn't a very fun subject but we made it fun. At the end of the class I wrapped up and told them we were out of time. One young man commented, "it's time to go already?". That was fun.

Peetiedy said...

I had a lot of Fun teaching The 4th Sunday of the Month in RS. The Best Lessons were when they would teach By doing exactly what you described and it seemed we never had enough time.

Clark Draney said...

Different things get them cracklin', Clint. Sometimes it's an exciting story. Sometimes it's that they're exceptionally well prepared. Sometimes it's that I'm exceptionally well prepared. Sometimes the stars are aligned and the karma is flowing-- I don't know.

You're right, Peetie. When the "students" are actively engaged in the process-- teaching themselves as it were-- that's when it gets fun.