Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hometown Heroics

From Pat's usual knack for asking fun questions:

I'm gonna answer all these with regard to Twin Falls, which is where we're living now but which is not, strictly speaking, my "home" town. I grew up in Neola, Utah. That'd be another post entirely.

1) What is your hometown best known for?

Evel Knievel tried (and failed) to jump across the Snake River here. He even came back a couple of times to commemorate his failure and to do promotional things at the local mall. 

2) What other interesting event happened in your home town?

Twin Falls is one of the few places in the world where it is legal to jump of the bridge.

3) Tell us a little bit about some of your hometown's attractions?

CSI (where I work)

Cate Draney (one of 6 primary reasons for working)

4) What does your hometown smell like?

Most of the time it smells like fresh, mountain air. Occasionally it smells like the meat packaging plant south of town or one of the many dairies in the area. 

1 comment:

Mark Brown said...

Cate is way better than Evel. Any day of the week, I'd rather hang out with her than watch some fool launch himself over a canyon.